How to do anal bleaching effectively at home- Top 4 products to Use

The dark anus is no longer popular in the modern day society. It is crucial to learn how to do anal bleaching effectively at home. Over the last couple of years, the practice is increasingly becoming popular just like vaginal bleaching. The anus gets discolored over sometimes due to many reasons. Bleaching will assist to lighten the anus so as to make intimate moments enjoyable. Earlier, the practice was reserved for adult entertainers only. However, it has become a popular way of addressing dark areas of the anus. One should try bleaching at home before looking for further advice.

How to do anal bleaching effectively at home

shgshgs67sahgsasaAnal bleach product will always pack in some dangerous chemicals. It is advisable for one to use the tropical whitening product as they do not contain harmful chemicals. Medical science advancement has led to the production of safe anal lightening products for use at home without necessarily getting supervision from physicians. The following products contain natural ingredients hence side effects are not worth them

1. Citrus Fruits (Lemon and Oranges)

The fruits are very rich in Vitamin C. It has a great ability to affect hyperpigmentation. One is required to squeeze the fruit naturally then use a cotton ball to apply the juice to the anus. Alternatively, one can just rub a slice of the fruit over the anus. One should then leave it for 15-20 minutes then clean it. Always use fresh juices. In case of a tender feeling as a result of friction then an individual should use a minimal amount of juice to avoid the burning sensation on the skin.

2. Calamansi

This is a green fruit in the Lemon family though a bit small. It is richer in vitamin C which helps in anal bleaching. Most skin lightening product manufacturer always incorporates the fruit into their product. One should just squeeze the juice and apply once or twice a day. While bathing, you can scrub and moisturize afterward; this will make your anal skin glow

3. Papaya

Papaya is known as a product which accelerates skin cell removal process. It helps in the whitening anal hole. In raw form, it contains Papain; an enzyme which boosts skin cell turnover. One should simply take out the inside of the fruit then scrub it on the dark anus. Leave for about 20 minutes and clean the area.

4. Tomato

Tomato bleaches the dark anal skin with no side effect. It is popularly known to contain Vitamin A and C. Lighten the area by simply scrubbing tomato juice in the asshole area. For better results, you can use a mixture of Lemon juice and tomato.

A blend of almond oil or the coconut oil and lemon juice is also an excellent option. One can also use a combination of Yoghurt and oatmeal to achieve a better outcome.

How to do anal bleaching effectively at home can be frustrating and hard going through the information. Consider to use one of the above products while at home and you will realize desirable results.