Stress And Health

One hundred years ago, the largest injury at work was when you fall from a height, or when you get injured by a tool, etc. Today, in this modern society, we witness every day a lot of stressful situations, starting from traffic jams, economic issues and multitasking activities on the job and in everyday life as well.

It is a fact that a man of today is on the same level of stress as in the fifties was a neuropsychiatry patient. It looks like we are all cases for a psychologist.

Origin of stress

From the influence on the immune system, over causing depression and lowering gray mass, all to the causing of serious diseases, stress is one of the main reasons for the sickness of modern man kind. The main origin of stress can be found in economic issues, lack of money always was problem number one for most of the people. One fourth of stressful people suffer the stress caused by money issues, and it goes all to the health deterioration. Next cause of stress is a job and everything that comes with it.

Stress and health

While most of the people have health issues caused by stress, there are also ones that are stressed by their bad health condition, which only helps the development of the disease. It starts with minds and emotions and usually finishes with serious health malfunction. In just a few seconds from some stressful situation, our heart starts to beat faster; breathing becomes faster too, muscles strain, eye pupils widens, glucose releases from liver and muscles.

Types of stress

After we concluded that we are all under stress today, we can say that it is just short term one, but there are also people that are under stress more often than the others, and their health condition is at an increased level of risk for many diseases. Their stress attacks are so common and strong, that often lead to depression or serious sickness, and that state is freely called chronic stress.

Short term stress

It just scrambles through our body like a hurricane, but there are no large consequences of it. It is present when people are withdrawn and quiet, and usually collect problems inside, and rarely fight with them. After it comes to the highest level of endurance, they just break down and suffer shortly, after which they begin to deal with the solving of all that accumulated problems.

Chronic stress

Centers in our brain become overfilled with messages that come from stress hormones which lead to a lack of some substances responsible for general good health condition. Serotonin is responsible for the feeling of tranquility and security, life optimism too, and in combination with melatonin it regulates the rhythm of sleeping.

Everyday stress

Humankind always find the way to fight daily problems, so modern people have different ways of dealing with stress that comes out from living fast in modern cities. Someone exercises, others listen to classical music, the third one goes to the countryside to rest, etc.

Job stress

Job loss or turbulent working environment can cause stress, which leads to loss of gray mass of the brain, which further leads to some serious mental issues. We live in an era of easy finding and easy loosing of the job, and almost every job is the same at the basis, you work hard, you give your best, and there is no one to notice that. And it naturally leads to stress and lack of will.


Everybody who has experienced some mobbing can say that it is not the problem on the job that is nondurable, but the stress that says that you are unable to do anything to improve your position in the situation when you are under mobbing. So, many people just quit their job, which leads only to the new stressful situation of finding a new job.

The best thing to do is to face the problem, and try to fight it personally or over the legal unions within the company.


Doing two tasks at the same time is outdated. Modern people usually faces the 4-5 task at the moment no matter what job they are doing. It seems that we used to multitask on our PCs so we are trying to implement it on our work stations too.