Sudden infant death syndrome

Nothing turns our lives around 360 degrees than welcoming a bundle of joy into our families. Everything about them is simply amazing and always puts a smile on our faces. It is almost effortless because all you have to do is watch them sleep or smile and the warm feeling just creeps up in us. Dark gray clouds engulf our homes the moment you wake up to find they are gone. It is not like someone came over and kidnapped them. They happened to die in their sleep. This is what is referred to as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In layman’s term, it is referred to as crib death because these babies are mostly found dead in their crib.

Causes of crib death

It is so sad considering the high hopes you had about this baby and its future. Below are some of the causes that need to be looked into very keenly;
1. Low weight at birth. Babies who are said to be underweight at birth are most likely not to make it. Being the fragile and delicate tiny beings they are, these babies are incapable of fighting for their lives. They eventually give up the fight and succumb to SIDS.
2. Infections on their respiratory systems. This is brought about by harsh environmental conditions. For instance, if the baby happens to catch a cold, their breathing system is affected. This leads to problems in breathing and eventually death.
3. Poor sleeping positions. A baby is not yet accustomed to the outside world and all it entails. It is used to being curled up in its mother’s womb. Placing it in a position that compromises its safety will definitely lead to SIDS.

Preventive measures of crib death

It is a good thing that crib death can be controlled and prevented. Gaining more knowledge regarding it is one sure way of preventing crib death. Here are more efficient ways to prevent crib death;
1. Don’t over warm the baby when putting them to sleep. This is where most mothers and other caregivers go wrong. Neither should they be too lightly dressed. Just place adequate clothes on them before they sleep.
2. Have your baby immunized? Ensuring that your baby is adequately immunized is one way to prevent SIDS. An immunization will keep certain diseases at bay and boost the baby’s immune system.
3. Put dire emphasis on breast feeding. Breast milk is capable of ensuring that the chances of contracting crib death are lowered by a huge margin.

Environment matters a great deal

3As is commonly known to us, babies are sensitive to their environment. This means that you have to be very careful about the kind of environment you expose them to. For example, it is obviously unsafe to expose them to the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. Not to mention the fact that their lungs are not fully developed.
As much as possible, always ensure that the conditions are right for your baby’s growth and development. Do this by cleaning up their sleeping areas. Ensure that they are always dressed in clean clothes and wrapped in fresh smelling blankets and shawls.