Health vs Technology

New devices positively affect our life because it eases the communication and organization, and also gives us the whole universe of information in our hands. It enables access to various contents for entertainment, but many experts are warning that it also affects our hearing and vision health.

The magic screen

Looking into the screen of our portable devices and reading the text on it makes our eyes tired. It may also affect our vision and usually leads to a headache. It happens because our eyes tend to brighten the image which is too close to it, compared to the books or newspapers.

The screen is closer to our eyes, so side seeing is at the lowest level, and that is why it is not allowed to drive and tap on your phone, or to walk on zebra crossing with your phone in front of your eyes.

Dry eyes

Those who look at the screen longer, reading text or watching images on it, can start facing the problem of dry eyes. It happens because our eyes are not blinking properly as it was doing while reading books. While you look at the object near the eyes, blinking slows, tears dry out, and it leads to dry eyes issue.

Information overload

Everyday bombing with information, needed and important or not, could be harmful to our mind. Developing of smartphones leads to multitasking, so we now can read news, check email and social media at the same time. Researches show that the need of doing several things at the same time weakens our capability to determine those who are more important. It leads to one to become unable to determine priorities further in life.

Tech addiction

There is concern that humans became dependent on technology. It is almost impossible to stop the person who updates the status on social networks to stop it for a few days.

Interesting thing is that we never use to forget our phone somewhere, but it happens that someone forgets wallet, keys, backpack, lunch, or even the children! Young people spend almost 8 hours a day watching media provided by new technology.

Progress or a step backward

Computers, tablets, smart phones and social networks brought a lot to our lives. It connects us with our friends, eases our job and let us find needed information instantly, but scientists are warning that we should be careful with consuming information that we are exposed every day, and to lower their influence on the quality of our life.


This is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a person replaces a series of important jobs for a bunch of shorter, less important or lightly pleasant activities, delaying important tasks for later. For example, if you want to find something important on the internet for your math homework, you will probably end up 3 hours on PC watching social networks or news, with zillion tabs opened, right?


Experts recommend limiting the time for our smart devices to the lowest level, increasing the font size, and to move the screen as far as possible. Determine the situations you want to spend without hi-tech devices, perhaps when you walk your dog, or when you play with your friends or your kids.


Listening music is usually just relaxation and anti-stress cure, but listening to it loud, with earphones on is not recommended at all. It can strongly harm your hearing, so be aware and avoid it, music is even better is you play it silently. Anyway, experts say that listening music with earphones is not good for our ears at all.

3D issue

Watching 3D movies is exciting, but everyone who have watched 3d projections often reported that they faced a headache and eye fatigue. That is because 3D technology tricks our eyes by sending two different images to each one, so the brain has the job to put it together and make us the 3D experience, which leads to mentioned issues.